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Thankfully we’ ve got loads of friends in the Italian Rally scene….. few times ago, one of them called us, leaking out a possible secret test involving the Volkswagen World Rally team. We waited few days, then a giant column of white trucks showed up. It was the Volkswagen WRC team organized for the deveopement of the all new Polo wich will race in the 2017 WRC. The paddock area was off limits but we had the pleasure to photograph various  checup rides on gravel. In the tester shoes we found the 2 times WRC champion Marcus Gronholm. Fast as a thunder, but slower than our camera’s shutter!

IMG_9747-2 IMG_9771-2   IMG_9645
IMG_9689 IMG_9621-2  IMG_9729-2 IMG_9650-2      IMG_9774-2